Fly (Sketch)

Fly (Photo Edit mixed with Draw on Paper)

Burning (Photo Edit)

Drop(Photo Edit)

Flow (Photo Edit)

LP MS ATS 4to3 (2010)

LP MS ATS 16to9 (2010)

“Earth” a living creature (2010)

Angelic Beauty (2010)

Kings of the Nerds (2010)

Hiding in Shadows (2010)

Out of Darkness (2010)
Done in artclass the task was to draw a horror book cover.

Linkin Park Road to Rev ART:
Linkin Park Road to Rev Wallpaper (2010)

Linkin Park Road to Rev Wallpaper 2 (2010)

Chaz from Road to Revolution (2010)

Rob from Road to Revolution (2010)

Brad from Road to Revolution (2010)

Joe Hahn from Road to Revolution (2010)

Phoenix from Road to Revolution (2010)

Mike Shinoda from Road to Revolution (2010)

Emptyness 16:9 (2010)

Emptyness 4:3 (2010)

Eminem – 8 Mile(2010)

Valentines Day (2010)

LP Live in Texas Mike Shinoda (2010):

LP Live in Texas Phoenix (2010):

LP Live in Texas Joe Hahn (2010):

Colours to colour the faked happyness (2009)

Colours goes gray (2008)

Papers crumpled up (2007 or 2008)


2 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. nice work done here…. really amazing 😛
    keep up the great work XD

  2. ¤=•√ลℓэи†เиэ¤=•! Says:

    well ur blog is just awesome……i really like it..if dis way u want to make ur blog popular i would say it is the best idea…yes linkin park band…man they r just great……i hav seen there live shows in london……plz come der if u like it…….

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