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“Weirdorama” (Photography/Artwork)

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The latest photo is stonepath which i took today the other ones are older.

Usually i thought to match the pics in this series to a fairytale or myth but i can’t think of one at the stonepatch pic, so if u got a matching idea feel free to tell.^^


Welcome Back! Alice!

Path to Atlantis

Path to the Erlking


Letter to old me

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Hi i think i’m goin to get back on posting here is some new lyrics and also recorded:

Letter to Old Me

hits like blues from outta space
bits of truth i’m bout to laze
way to lazy to paper chase
spare that for alater phase

atm i have greater taste
in so many ways to waste
the time u chase in haste
still u feel misplaced

wether its the degrade or weather change
its all weathered down n strange
you could try to rearrange
cause this array is insane in vain you’re tired
of tryin so u stayin in line n u’re the person u’re lyin to
this isn’t what u wanted to do but u screw up
so u hate your job if u could u would drop n maybe make it pop
whats holdin u up u used to be so bold bout ur dreams now ur old
and it seems like u think those scenes out of dreams
are too blurry to come true its just cause u dun believe in to
u dun believe in you seem like its too much shit u’ve been through
i am the young you and pls don’t do anything u’d like to undo



i take back the control over the console cause my soul feels hit by an pistole
it left a sinkhole too big to resole
i dun wanna unrole the oldscroll ensoul the whole hellhole
while u damnify that this shit is cut n dry
i say do or die by and by u decry n beautify
while i defy you’re reply u retry n lie
i won’t ratify n u imply to justify that u n I
are like a suit n tie i’m suitin u n u’re suitin my you’re a suitin lie this is why
we’re nearby to outbye u’ll outcry that we used to be so true n fly
too true n fly to deny that no matter what I try I can’t reblue the sky
I can’t reblue the sky cause  no matter what I try you do it right
out of sight out of mind for a night like i’m blind again we disunite in an..other fight
it felt featherlight now its dynamite no matter what i do can’t get it right no matter what u do i can’t

I wrap it up n let it drop its time to make it stop this used to feel on top but now u flip flop

Both instrumentals has been mixed and produced by DJ NXK

Copyright belongs to me for the lyrics


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Also new Lyrics:
i hate the calm before the storm
give me this feel of hope so warm
i can feel the cold chasing me
following my footsteps like i am the prey

just waiting till i’m warm again
back up to make me fall again
the higher i get the deeper i fall
and again i’m crawling up the wall

no number to dial no call
might saved me from this fall
its like walkin through a endless hall
i’m shouting hearing the echo of this howl

caged in a maze ready to face
whatever brought me to this place
watchin my hand palm its shaking
and i keep just keep waiting

getin me mentally armed up
am i up enough to make it drop
to be aible to stop
whatever is about to pop up

pre-chorus(or maybe not or something else)
waiting to get soaked up
once again
the storm is gaining ground
once again
i already can feel the wound
once again
I can hear the terrible sound

life won’t wait until u get up
it drags u constantly down
life won’t wait until u’re fully up
it makes u’re face frown
life has got no remorse
get up before u’re drown

copyright by Shikim aka Todraw

Updated the Gallery Section

Posted in Random on August 8, 2010 by todraw

As the title says i just updated the gallery section more stuff to come tomorrow and the following days….!

“Breathe” (Lyrics in progress)

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I’ve been writing on those lyrics, but i’m not satisfied yet especially on the second part about the end. I hav to change some stuff, cause there it doesn’t match the content, i wanted to give to it, i was more lookin for that it rhymes, then that the contents right.

“Breathe” (Lyrics in progress)

Verse 1:
Again here we are, we both know
This won’t go far, gotta stop that show
I thought this time, we would know
So here we are, where we go?

Let’s just blast from the first to the last
Get that shit out of our chest
Dam u can’t dodge that friggn blast
We won’t stay calm and pretend to rest

Enough is enough forget the past
All this shit we won’t let it last
Forever, in our mind we grind our teeth
And we unwind whats underneath
Just breath calm down just breath

One paranoia but two sides
The dark and the light
One sparks in the night
But beware of the others blight

Verse 2:
Once again we stand in the first row
Ready to fight ready to let it go
Nothing gonna stop us, oh no
Long enough we kept our voice low

Long enough we kept ouselves quiet
Believed u kept us calm we tried
our patience upon your lies Died
Gather together and lets riot

“You mustn’t this you mustn’t that”
chop off the young mans head
The laws are made against us
fight on our own  at any cost
We have to riot   we must

One law but two sides
The dark and the light
One saves the poor mans night
But beware it’s not always right

copyright: todraw aka Shikim

“EARTH” a living creature

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This a draw i did while school thats why the paper is full of quarters. xP Also i think the message is clear and the pic speaks for itself.^^

Photoshop CS5

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I haven’t been active for a week i know, the only reason is school and i was pretty exhauted i dun know why just not in the mood to do posts.. i’m sorry and i won’t do that again.

Most of the Ppl who uses Photoshop have seen CS5 is out and of course i also load the testversion to test it.^^ It has some nice features, which includes animations too, i remember PS had that before but as i remember it wasn’t as good as it is now. Also it works much faster and stable then it did before. The graphictablet use seemed to be improved since it works much better then it did before. Except those improvements there doesn’t seem much of new stuff. I also gotta test other apps from the CS5. Might get more updates there.^^

So heres one i tested photoshop for painting:

And heres the one i tested animation i will put that up, when i found out how to save it in a gif file. xD