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“Weirdorama” (Photography/Artwork)

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The latest photo is stonepath which i took today the other ones are older.

Usually i thought to match the pics in this series to a fairytale or myth but i can’t think of one at the stonepatch pic, so if u got a matching idea feel free to tell.^^


Welcome Back! Alice!

Path to Atlantis

Path to the Erlking


“Drop” (Desktop/Wallpaper); Lyrics “Rev A Little”

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Rev A Little

This written on Wretches and Kings instrumental from Linkin Park

whats this
while we’re pissed
we just get our head down and keep it low
let them reign with the crown and let em grow
revolution is coming but it is slow
so while the majority’s waitin you should know
swing the broken wing to dodge the poisoned sting
some doin nothing some tryin something
and before the snow sinks we’re doing the raw thing
a pile of straw is haunting for the vital spark firing
up and grilling the violent shark everbodys barking for this to start
fire those retards let em hear this speech right out the heart
le le le lets this tearin em apart
le le le lets get this to the start

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“UP IN THE AIR” (Artwork)

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Long time no post i seem to be back at posting, but sry i was partying hanging arround having fun doing music. ^^
Finally the song Up in the air from Dumbfoundead and its amazing video inspired me to do this:

Also visit:
Dumbfoundead’s Channel and website:
Also amazing move of him and some friends of him:
For all aspiring musicians arround CA don’t miss this, i would go by my own, haha, but i’m on the other side of the ocean xP

So finally, i know u’ve been waiting heres tha video!:
and a link to the creators channel of the vid:

Another vid….^^

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I dun know if this exist, but if it don’t i am the inventor of freestyle drawin, like freestyle in rap xP.

Just me bored drawin while listening to a song

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I will tell u more, last three weeks i’ve been working on a farm…’^^

So enjoy it.

Little Blackbirds review and the journey ended…. xD

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I expected way more from Blackbrids but i guess it’s just made to promote the game… Also I was really happy when i heard in the trailer that mike was rapping but then in the actual song it’s just a short tiny lil part of the song and the rest is chaz singing, which i like too but yea…

The game itself was quite cool and funny and i’ll see what the sidequests brings the mainstory was kinda short…^^

So here’s some screenshots:

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And for all who hasn’t heard the song yet:

Journey through 8-Bit Universe just started… :)

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As the titles says i just loaded LP’s new Itouch game.^^ It’s cool so far.^^
Here are some screenshots and i know my character looks shitty…

Btw everybody who’s playing the game tell me ur nickname, add me or whatever^^