“Weirdorama” (Photography/Artwork)

The latest photo is stonepath which i took today the other ones are older.

Usually i thought to match the pics in this series to a fairytale or myth but i can’t think of one at the stonepatch pic, so if u got a matching idea feel free to tell.^^


Welcome Back! Alice!

Path to Atlantis

Path to the Erlking


2 Responses to ““Weirdorama” (Photography/Artwork)”

  1. Fatine Says:

    Great! But next time try not to show your feet, it’ll make them look much more professional. The feet at the end were kinda disappointing, not having anything to do with the scenery. Okay, maybe if it were a beach, and you were barefeet, but not like this, got it?

    • Thx for ur opinion. But i like it that way, wether it looks or it doesn’t look proffessional. And if u read the titles u’ll get why the feets are there.

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