“EARTH” a living creature

This a draw i did while school thats why the paper is full of quarters. xP Also i think the message is clear and the pic speaks for itself.^^


7 Responses to ““EARTH” a living creature”

  1. Morinoajin Says:

    Totally cute Earth!

  2. snow ashes Says:

    WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW man thats so fuck fuck fuck fuck …sorry but it’s so so cool and awesome wow i like’t it’s my fav now wow 🙂

  3. sarah35 Says:

    Original and interesting :]
    You have amazing imagination 🙂

  4. vickyLP Says:

    wow! u have so much imagination!! great job! i love the whole idea of it! 🙂

  5. Ashtar Lalaty Says:

    wOOOOOOOW this is just AWESOME !!! totally speaks for it self … am so in love with it xP
    man you have the greatest imagination… really great work and if this is facebook I’ll “like” it XD

  6. unbreakable^^ Says:

    wow shikim it’s really nice,,like other said u have an amazing imagination,,really discribe wut we r doing to the earth,,really nice,,I love it^^

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