Photoshop CS5

I haven’t been active for a week i know, the only reason is school and i was pretty exhauted i dun know why just not in the mood to do posts.. i’m sorry and i won’t do that again.

Most of the Ppl who uses Photoshop have seen CS5 is out and of course i also load the testversion to test it.^^ It has some nice features, which includes animations too, i remember PS had that before but as i remember it wasn’t as good as it is now. Also it works much faster and stable then it did before. The graphictablet use seemed to be improved since it works much better then it did before. Except those improvements there doesn’t seem much of new stuff. I also gotta test other apps from the CS5. Might get more updates there.^^

So heres one i tested photoshop for painting:

And heres the one i tested animation i will put that up, when i found out how to save it in a gif file. xD


2 Responses to “Photoshop CS5”

  1. vickyLP Says:

    oh lucky u! i want CS5 too! i have CS3 and i find it really tiring!

  2. LovableFreak Says:

    i have PS cs4 and it has animation, too 😉 and looking at your screenshot i’d say it’s the same…

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