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Eminem “Not Afraid”//Recovery is coming….

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Eminem had released recently “Not Afraid” a single from the upcoming album “Recovery”, which should be released on June 22th. Should help me to wait till LP releases they’re album. ^^

Not Afraid has this kinda hope giving character, i don’t know, listening to this song makes me feel good.


“Breathe” 1st Verse and Chorus recorded

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I used the guitar part out of the given up instrumental of linkin park, the rest(drums(made on pc not playing in rea^^l), vocals and so on are by me)

“Breathe” (Lyrics in progress)

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I’ve been writing on those lyrics, but i’m not satisfied yet especially on the second part about the end. I hav to change some stuff, cause there it doesn’t match the content, i wanted to give to it, i was more lookin for that it rhymes, then that the contents right.

“Breathe” (Lyrics in progress)

Verse 1:
Again here we are, we both know
This won’t go far, gotta stop that show
I thought this time, we would know
So here we are, where we go?

Let’s just blast from the first to the last
Get that shit out of our chest
Dam u can’t dodge that friggn blast
We won’t stay calm and pretend to rest

Enough is enough forget the past
All this shit we won’t let it last
Forever, in our mind we grind our teeth
And we unwind whats underneath
Just breath calm down just breath

One paranoia but two sides
The dark and the light
One sparks in the night
But beware of the others blight

Verse 2:
Once again we stand in the first row
Ready to fight ready to let it go
Nothing gonna stop us, oh no
Long enough we kept our voice low

Long enough we kept ouselves quiet
Believed u kept us calm we tried
our patience upon your lies Died
Gather together and lets riot

“You mustn’t this you mustn’t that”
chop off the young mans head
The laws are made against us
fight on our own  at any cost
We have to riot   we must

One law but two sides
The dark and the light
One saves the poor mans night
But beware it’s not always right

copyright: todraw aka Shikim

“EARTH” a living creature

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This a draw i did while school thats why the paper is full of quarters. xP Also i think the message is clear and the pic speaks for itself.^^

Photoshop CS5

Posted in Art, Random on May 16, 2010 by todraw

I haven’t been active for a week i know, the only reason is school and i was pretty exhauted i dun know why just not in the mood to do posts.. i’m sorry and i won’t do that again.

Most of the Ppl who uses Photoshop have seen CS5 is out and of course i also load the testversion to test it.^^ It has some nice features, which includes animations too, i remember PS had that before but as i remember it wasn’t as good as it is now. Also it works much faster and stable then it did before. The graphictablet use seemed to be improved since it works much better then it did before. Except those improvements there doesn’t seem much of new stuff. I also gotta test other apps from the CS5. Might get more updates there.^^

So heres one i tested photoshop for painting:

And heres the one i tested animation i will put that up, when i found out how to save it in a gif file. xD

Lyrics Section has been updated

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Some days ago i added some lyrics to the Lyrics Sections If u like them comment. 🙂

“Chill from outta Space”

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Hey ppl, today was a weird day i think i messed up a bio test, also my graphic card is broken which i bought one month ago, at least i can claim the warranty thingi and might get a new one in a few days.^^

Also here’s something i found i started long time ago, looks pretty much finished except the background, shades on the pants.^^