“Life goes on” Lyrics// Brad from Road to Revolution!!!

I found a file that i had written long time a go with the “Love is gone-i tried to hold it”-Stuff and thought i should finish this. Also Brad from Road to rev. Pic. : ) ENJOX

Life goes on:

I remember
i woke up in the mornin
and felt: somethin was wrong
Something ain’t goin along
My heart felt broken
The fire was out something has been token
A piece of my soul felt soaken up
In the darkness, ruthless and heartless
And tearing apart that band
That made us feel like we’re one
I realised:
Love is gone – i tried to hold it
Love is gone – i tried to ignore it
Love was gone – i tried to get it back
Love is gone – i get a heart – attack

This was just the feeling i had,
Didn’t know:
On the other end of the band
She cutted it apart
I felt the cut in the middle of my heart
She had broken the trust
She felt in lust with a other guy
I tried to grasp for breath, askin why,
But I was just suspecting. The thougts were
Spinning through my head
Even if she had
She must’ve realised:
Love was gone – She couldn’t hold it
Love was gone – She tried to ignore it
Love was gone – She fought for it
Love was gone- She quit and life goes on

She never told me that what i suspected was true.
I never expected to hear it from her
But it would’ve saved me from the blue
So i thought it was my fault
And the guilt crawled into me
Filled the hole that was left from her part
In my heart in my soul, it darkned the whole
Freezing from the old, now days cold memories
When we were one, beatiful sceneries, before we realised
Love was gone – We tried to accept it
Love was gone – We tried to live with it
Love was gone – We couldn’t make it
Love was gone – Still i suffered from it…

Later on:
I came along a guy who told me what happned
Wit h the truth on my hand I asked her: What had happned?
And she didn’t even defend her self, Approved that:
“oh well.. Now u know the truth, but pls don’t tell
it to my new boyfriend.”
“What god damn, u let me walk through hell?!
You don’t even say sorry? You just worry
bout ur new boyfriend”
I realised that she was way over me
and i realised i was stupid that i couldn’t see
Love was gone – Now i know the full story
Life goes on – Theres nothing i hav to worry
Life goes on – I don’t give a fuck on you’re sorry
Love was gone – And even i know now: Life goes on

Brad from Road to Revolution


3 Responses to ““Life goes on” Lyrics// Brad from Road to Revolution!!!”

  1. unbreakable x) Says:

    awww too sad,,that girl wanna kill her,,xD
    but it’s ok in this case that boy better without her
    her love was a lie,,but too much amazing lyrics I like it,,,and hey what a wonderful pic,,love it!!!

  2. Snow Ashes Says:

    hi you always kill your slef with the stuff you do you are so amazing man that was so great the pic and live goes on, so amazing πŸ™‚

  3. Heya cutie,
    like every time you show some lyrics from yourself.
    They’re great and i love to read them and watch ur pics. *-*
    You’re doing well and keep the head up. πŸ˜‰

    bye, Alfadis

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