“Title Page” Photo Edit// If u hav 3-4 weeks time to do something, don’t wait…

So for everybody who wondered why i dun post that much, yea schools finally keeps me pretty busy….. today i done a work which i had 3 4 weeks in one evening…. okey i worked my ass off 6h long xD but it was worth it. We had to do a Dossier which included summary’s of all chapters of a book called: The dark side of the moon. The Main story is that a succesful lawyer comes into a mushroom circle and accidientally he takes a wrong mushroom which doesn’t just put him on a trip, it also changes his personality drasticly.
He begins to kill ppl without restraint,just because he’s angry on somebody and he let his feelings flow, his conscience in first doesn’t even come but later on it kinda seem to get better but still his conscience, when it comes into play it comes too late…. Thats what i tried to get into the Title Page i done.

The book author is Martin Suter a best seller author in the german speaking area. I don’t really know if his books are released in English if they are i would reall recommend you to read it.

So this is the title i edited out of several photos out of the net…..

And this is a little thinge that i drawed in photoshop which i put up on every page:


2 Responses to ““Title Page” Photo Edit// If u hav 3-4 weeks time to do something, don’t wait…”

  1. Snow Ashes Says:

    boutefull 🙂 did you draw that pic ?? so cool 🙂

    • no i just did the edit…. i did the writing and everysthing on one evening… xD when it came to the pic i just was tooo tired to draw somethin i had to finish up to sleep…. XD

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