“Hiding in the Shadows” Desktop Wallpaper

Hi everybody, i’m thankful for every comment u post and also thankful for all the quiet reader :)! And to say thx i did this desktop wallpaper, if u need it in other format just tell me.

I made a making of video of one of my older art, and this inspired me to do that piece which u can download and use as a wallpaper.^^

Everybody who’d like to see the making off vid,sry for shitty quality but couldn’t upload on youtube cause it’s longer then 10 min. -.-:


6 Responses to ““Hiding in the Shadows” Desktop Wallpaper”

  1. woah! thats hawt XD

  2. unknown xD Says:

    really great,, and btw shikim long time no see xD

  3. Snow Ashes Says:

    Hi Shikim that pic was so awesome man i love the color so powerfull it’s an amazing pic i like your pics cause it’s like uumm there is mystery in’t it’s so cool 🙂 Good work man Good work 🙂

  4. awesoooome! i love the colors!!!

  5. woha! so great and wonderful!

  6. John Trickian Says:


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