Try to produce my Own Instrumental… :D//And tried recording Lyrics over it.

I planned to go outside in the afternoon but nobody else had time and i wasn’t in the mood to go alone… So i started try to produce a instrumental and how far i came i tried to record something over it. First i chose to do it with the Colours goes gray lyrics, from which i have 2 versions a new and a old one, First try was with the new overworked lyrics but it didn’t worked out that well, so i gave the old ones a try and yea it didn’t sound bad:

Instrumental with Vocals:

Only the Instrumental:

And here’s the written Lyrics:
It’s just the colours
i give away
seems like i’m gonna
end up in gray

i mean the colours to color my mask
to color the faked happyness
i am just livin cause i wanna know
the end of live, was it all a show
am i gonna end up in flame !?
am i gonna take all the blame
livin in an invisible cage
rasing, rasing the fuckin rage
falli into the dark halls
caged in my brain evry fuckin day the same
an knowing next mornin all starts again
wake up an feel this taste of numbness
an fearing the upcoming stress
again im feelin bad cause of
things happened in my past
sme ppl say past is past…
an why i still feel this in my chest
i don wanna get up i need some more rest…


7 Responses to “Try to produce my Own Instrumental… :D//And tried recording Lyrics over it.”

  1. Snow Ashes Says:

    Hi man the lyrics are so good and awesmoe but the song didn’t work with me is there something wrong cause i don’t hear anything ?but as i toled you the lyrics are so great so keep working good job ^_^ šŸ™‚

  2. unknown xD Says:

    oh shikim ur lyrics so damn good,, yh sometimes I feel the same,, like a friend said to me” keep smiling,everything will be ok”” so shikim my dear my heart goes out for u,,just keep smiling,, and keep working u r so good and great^^ best wishes for you xDD take care.

  3. Heya my cutie.
    Nice beat and this sounds very well. But u need to sing more!!!
    Your lyrics are great gah xD” i love your lyrics write more of em Q_Q

    bye bye, Alfadis

  4. xxspuckxsorrisxx Says:

    didnt need to cute.

  5. Shireen Says:

    well done dear!!! the result rules! i esteem you

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