I hav to study for bio test so i can’t work on my project…….
Btw i had started another pic on last Sunday too so i just don’t like to leave with empty Hands.^^

And I got a question to you are there actually people who likes studying?^^


7 Responses to “Studying…….”

  1. wow that’s sp good. with which tools did you draw it?

  2. unknown xD Says:

    very good,,yeah really what u used?! I wanna know,, but keep working xD

  3. Snow Ashes Says:

    HI man that was great jop but finish’t soon man ok cause it’s so awesome pic …keep working cool… 🙂

  4. Calliope Says:

    It looks so cool! 🙂

    Only sick people like studying! 😛

  5. thats great=D

  6. whew, i love this pic.

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