Sketch out of School II // Little News

A follow up! xD I’ve done this during the english lessons, actually thats the front of my english notebook…. ^^ The monkey u see should be the monkey out of family guy who always points at chris, actually i couldn’t remember how he looks like. xD

News: I’m planning of doing a full colored draw not just sketches for the next weekend if i hav enough time for i’ll do the sketch tomorrow and upload it.

And i registred on lately and they seems to be real as much as i’ve read on forums and posts all over the net. So anybody who wants to get invited write a comment and i’ll send u invite over email.
This site is about earnin Points (PTZ) by logging in everyday watching videos on the site and answer a daily question. U’ll need some affort to earn that many points to award something but it seems to work. A friend who’ve been longer on the site ordered a Itouch. He told it should be shipped in next time.


3 Responses to “Sketch out of School II // Little News”

  1. unknown xD Says:

    can’t wait for that shikim…
    keep working ,, u r good xD

  2. Snow Ashes Says:

    WoW so cool ….. Good work man ……I like the monkey thing hahaha so crazy hahaha i like’t hahaha keep going hahahaha 🙂

  3. what an active guy! so cool im so proud to hav a friend like u!

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