“Out of Darkness” Now finished.^^

Here’s the finished version of the sketch i made last week in art class. Sry that it’s just a photo of it, i couldn’t take it home to scan cause the teacher needs to make marks…^^ And the teacher told me this isn’t the one we gonna do as book cover this was just a random pic to apply the technique…. xD The version that it’s meant as book cover is gonna be done on “scratchpaper” don’t know how to call it… it’s basicly a paper which is black and u can scratch the black colour away and under it it is white….. So…^^


10 Responses to ““Out of Darkness” Now finished.^^”

  1. Looks very nice! 😉

  2. Calliope Says:

    hey this is realy interesting! great job! It’d like to see that cover too when it’s done! 🙂

  3. Vincent Shinoda Valentine Says:

    wow..looks very good

  4. this is so awesome man! ur like WOW!
    woot woot for shikim
    love the dude in the pic XD

  5. Shireen Says:

    you are an artist guy! i’m sorry we are not speaking a lot in these days..stupid school! see you soon :3

  6. snow ashes Says:

    WoW man i like this pic it’s like misery and it’s like death and life so amazing man i like’t so much…..

  7. wow! u nailed it! i love it!

  8. wow! u nailed it! it’s awesome!

  9. nephilim Says:

    that’s really nice!! great work!! 😉

  10. unknown xD Says:

    yeah great shikim,, I love it xD

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