Emptyness New Art (Wallpaper)

I’ve done those photoedits yesterday, feel free to use it as desktop background. 🙂
I’ve done two versions one for usual monitors 4:3 and one for widescreen 16:9.
If u need the pic in other size just tell me. 🙂

4:3 Version:

16:9 Version:


7 Responses to “Emptyness New Art (Wallpaper)”

  1. the colours are amazing.
    And the light gives an appearance of the sun shining through clouds

  2. This is awesome man! so vibrant=D!

  3. nicccccccccce…where did u get the idea from?!?

    dude name ur art!!

  4. vickyLP Says:

    i loove the colors!!! great job!

  5. Wow that is truly amazing.

  6. snow ashes Says:

    WoW it’s so cool and powerfull it’s so awesome i like’t so cool man good work…..^_^keep working… 🙂

  7. Calliope Says:

    This is so cool!! The colours are so bright! 🙂 Great job! Give us some more! 😉

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