New Hair Cut and News

Hi guys the ppl who knows me, knows i got pretty long hair now i cut em but no photo yet my cam doesn’t work.^^
And news i’ve started trying to do a animated video if i get something done i’ll surely will upload it over here.

I’m thinkin of doing this one on pc. ^^


6 Responses to “New Hair Cut and News”

  1. abdelrahman ghandour Says:

    the animation is an awesome idea………
    I’ll be waitin’ for It…… U_U

  2. Hi.
    Of course! Keep drawing and I’ll enjoy them ^^ I have some artworks, too. I also posted a piece of them on my opera, you can check them out.
    And yeah, we have the same hobbies 🙂 BTW, do you have msn?

  3. black side Says:

    yeah really nice idea,,,waiting 4 u
    it gonna be perfect am sure x)

  4. snow ashes Says:

    coool one hahah good job …realy nice..

  5. Chiara76 Says:

    I cut my hair too..supershort 🙂 I’m waiting 4 the video!;)

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