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Draw “Update”

Posted in Art on March 30, 2010 by todraw

So i worked on the pic i started week ago, but it just went slowly forward, i worked longer as expected and didn’t got as far as expected but see for yourself:

Click on it to make it bigger, it’s worth it u can’t really see much on this size… xD


“Hiding in the Shadows” Desktop Wallpaper

Posted in Art on March 28, 2010 by todraw

Hi everybody, i’m thankful for every comment u post and also thankful for all the quiet reader :)! And to say thx i did this desktop wallpaper, if u need it in other format just tell me.

I made a making of video of one of my older art, and this inspired me to do that piece which u can download and use as a wallpaper.^^

Everybody who’d like to see the making off vid,sry for shitty quality but couldn’t upload on youtube cause it’s longer then 10 min. -.-:

Try to produce my Own Instrumental… :D//And tried recording Lyrics over it.

Posted in Random on March 27, 2010 by todraw

I planned to go outside in the afternoon but nobody else had time and i wasn’t in the mood to go alone… So i started try to produce a instrumental and how far i came i tried to record something over it. First i chose to do it with the Colours goes gray lyrics, from which i have 2 versions a new and a old one, First try was with the new overworked lyrics but it didn’t worked out that well, so i gave the old ones a try and yea it didn’t sound bad:

Instrumental with Vocals:

Only the Instrumental:

And here’s the written Lyrics:
It’s just the colours
i give away
seems like i’m gonna
end up in gray

i mean the colours to color my mask
to color the faked happyness
i am just livin cause i wanna know
the end of live, was it all a show
am i gonna end up in flame !?
am i gonna take all the blame
livin in an invisible cage
rasing, rasing the fuckin rage
falli into the dark halls
caged in my brain evry fuckin day the same
an knowing next mornin all starts again
wake up an feel this taste of numbness
an fearing the upcoming stress
again im feelin bad cause of
things happened in my past
sme ppl say past is past…
an why i still feel this in my chest
i don wanna get up i need some more rest…

8-BIT Rebellion is coming!

Posted in Linkin Park on March 27, 2010 by todraw

I just watched the 8-BIT Rebellion Trailer, and the game looks really cool, much better then other bands games. 🙂 And if the new Song is the one that i heard at the end of the video then it sounded really cool, and mike was rapping!! I can’t wait for this one to come.

What do you think about?
And btw i try to work again on the new pics in the evening, but i hav to go outside today the sun is brightly shining. xD
8-BIT Rebellion


Posted in Art, Linkin Park on March 25, 2010 by todraw

Did this a time ago, sry i can’t offer anythin new…. it seems like i’m still not back up….. still feeling pretty exhauted at least next 2 weeks will be spring break.^^ And i’m really sorry i couldn’t keep up with posting every day.

This picture was done to learn a new style, was the first time doin stuff in this style:

Also done in this style but some time later then the first Try mike:

“Escape” Lyrics finished// Museum visit

Posted in Art, Music on March 23, 2010 by todraw

So i made to finish the Escape lyrics today, i just had the feelings i should write so i did and thats it. 🙂

i tried gettin away from this world
i started to play getin into the third
third dimension absurd to mention
i wasn’t seeking for attention

tried gettin away from the tension
finally in a wolrd by my own
the lord of my own throne
finally gone up and away
no place anybody forces me to stay
no place anybody forces me to do
whatever the fuck they want me to
This world so surreal it feels real
i know my sword ain’t real steel
just digital data bunched together
as a lil kid u don’t care whenever
u swing the sword just a button hit
in ur inner u feel all that shit
that shit that ain’t real
exactly what i wanted to feel

thats how i got away from my world
let me get swallowed into the third
third dimension absurd to mention
i just tried get away from the tension

i understood what was going on
but the hope for change was gone
so I kept hiking through the data piles
i must’ve walked over 1000 miles
i fought dragons and 1000 of monsters
and all the time it was conscious
i was just fleeing from the real monsters
overfilled with the so called realness
made me as a lil kid want to feel less
i searched for a button to press
to reset my past and forget that mess
how it comes it didn’t occur somethin like that
it ain’t that bad that walked through that
it used to make me sad now it makes me feel stronger
it doesn’t seem to stop damn it even gets longer…

thats how i got away from my world
let me get swallowed into the third
third dimension absurd to mention
i just tried get away from the tension

thats how i got away from my world
let me get swallowed into the third
third dimension absurd to mention
i just tried get away from the tension

Musuem Visit

Today we were at the Cartoon Musuem in Basel, They have a scrapboard art exhibition running from 13.2.2010 – 20.6.2010.
It was pretty interesting but i forgot to take my cam with me, because i forgot that we’ll go over there. We went to watch this exhibition while Art class cause we’re also about to work with scrapboards so it was thought as inspiration.
This kind of work needs alot of precision and hard work….. It’s barely impossible to correct a mistake u made ones.^^
But it’ll keep me away from getting deeper into this kind of Art cause those scraboards are pretty expensive….. And if u want to get good in it, you’ll need to work hard on your skills….. And this will cause that u need money to buy them and since i’m most of the time broke, it isn’t the smartest thing to do. xD

For all who’d like to know more about the Cartoonmusuem in Basel here’s the Site:

So this are two Pictures made by Thomas Ott. I would’ve showed u Art also from other artists which work were there, but it’s actually the only name i could remember. I’m very bad at keeping names…….
Thomas Ott just doin a Piece, for the opening i found it on the website of the musuem.


Posted in Art, Random on March 22, 2010 by todraw

I hav to study for bio test so i can’t work on my project…….
Btw i had started another pic on last Sunday too so i just don’t like to leave with empty Hands.^^

And I got a question to you are there actually people who likes studying?^^