LP Wallpaper

I just found some old screenshots which i edited back then of LP live in texas put some more stuff into it and now u can use it as wallpaper or somethin else.^^
I would’ve write more but gotta catch my train to the city gotta get a new mobile phone… xD my old ones broken was without phone for over a month.. xD
sry gotta stress i’ll edit this post for sure.

Edit: Back home now and i got me a mobile phone, not the one i wanted but anyway xD Btw funny thing was this month long i didn’t really had a problem with not being accesible others had a bigger problem with it… xD everybody i met which tried to call me lately was like: “Dude u gotta get a new mobilephone…”


2 Responses to “LP Wallpaper”

  1. woah, they’re awesome 🙂

  2. I REALLY LOVE THEM =D great work guy!

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