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Over 500 views!! :D

Posted in Fun, Random on February 28, 2010 by todraw

Yesterday it hit up over 500 totalviews ^^ it makes really happy to see this. 🙂 Sry that i didn’t post more so from tomorrow on there will come a new category sketch while school. xD Sry for nothing more for today.


Joe Hahn

Posted in Art, Linkin Park on February 26, 2010 by todraw

So this is last one for today, okey it’s already morning an i’m tired gotta take a nap. xD

LP Wallpaper

Posted in Art, Linkin Park on February 26, 2010 by todraw

I just found some old screenshots which i edited back then of LP live in texas put some more stuff into it and now u can use it as wallpaper or somethin else.^^
I would’ve write more but gotta catch my train to the city gotta get a new mobile phone… xD my old ones broken was without phone for over a month.. xD
sry gotta stress i’ll edit this post for sure.

Edit: Back home now and i got me a mobile phone, not the one i wanted but anyway xD Btw funny thing was this month long i didn’t really had a problem with not being accesible others had a bigger problem with it… xD everybody i met which tried to call me lately was like: “Dude u gotta get a new mobilephone…”

Play a game.. or two… or maybe take nap…

Posted in Fun on February 25, 2010 by todraw

A friend just sent me this video:

It’s pretty funny i think, we all know this feeling when we’re playing a game even it’s stupid an get kinda addicted to it. xD
Btw u should check up their channel they got much more funny videos.

This one just watch it till the end i promise u won’t regret it:

Some older Art from my Side.

Posted in Random on February 24, 2010 by todraw

Alot of ppl, me from time to time too, hides their sadness or whatever behind a “happy” mask just that others doesn’t come and ask u, whats wrong… and on the other side it’s actually that’s what society wants from us, if ppl asks u how r u? They kinda expect a:”I’m fine.” so they dun hav to come and talk to u about…

New Draw

Posted in Art on February 22, 2010 by todraw

Watched a movie and a scene just sticked in my head so i decided to start drawn it down. Now i’m barely sleeping.
But u can guess: Which Movie? Who’s that? and with what have i drawned that? xD.
Comment down there:

Bad Day

Posted in Random on February 21, 2010 by todraw

Hi, i guess you all know those days when everything goes wrong, yestrday was some kind of these days.
Everything went wrong, some pretty serious stuff and on top of the day my itouch crashed and everything was gone… ‘^^(Good,this wasn’t the worst thing but yea it was just the unnecessariesd thing on that day…)

So to take out the seriousity of this day:
Asher Roth – Bad Day